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If you're part of a Church family; get verified, and gain access to your church’s specifics including church directory, prayer requests, latest news, and events. Not a member of a church yet? Download The Bridge and gain access as a guest to see where you fit in!

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Guests are able to use the app to access public information about local churches and the denomination. They are able to view upcoming events, prayers, announcements, and contact info for denominational staff. The app has a built-in church locator so they are able to find a nearby church.

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Tour The Bridge As A Member

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Members get access to everything that guests do, along with some extra features. Once a user has been verified by their home church, they can see private prayers and announcements that are only applicable to members of that church. Additionally, members have access to view within the app, the Church Directory of that church, which contains contact information for households. 

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Take A Tour of The Bridge As An Admin

Administrator View

Church Administrators have access to an online web portal, which allows them to manage content within the app. They can add announcements, prayers, keep the Church Directory up to date, and provide resources for members and guests. The portal is also used for communications between the denomination and the local churches in a centralized place.

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